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Reference Material
Publication Title Date Author
Precast concrete pavements: Technology overview and technical considerations Winter 2013 S. Tayabji, D. Ye, N. Buch
Engineering a better road: Use of two-way prestressed, precast concrete pavement for rapid rehabilitation Winter 2013 T.Mishra , P. French, Z. Sakkal
CalTrans Lessons Learned - I-680 Precast Pavement December 2012 T. Mishra, B. Petska
SHRP 2 Renewal Project R05
Precast Concrete Pavement Technology
November 2012 SHRP
Review of the Rosavtodor Response February 2011 S. Tayabji
Fostering Innovation To Improve Pavement Performance In Canada August 2009 D. Hein
Evaluation of the Service Performance of an Innovative Precast Prestressed Concrete Pavement July 2009 G. Luckenbill
Evaluation of Concrete Pavement Repair Using Precast Technology in Virginia April 2009 S. Hossain, C. Ozyildirim
Sikadur 31®, Segmental Bridge Adhesive July 2008 Sika
Performance Evaluation of Precast Prestressed Concrete Pavement November 2007 Univ. of Missouri-Columbia
Missouri DOT
Soviet Precast Prestressed Construction For Airfields April 2007 N. Sapozhnikov, R. Rollings
Precast Concrete Pavement and Results of Accelerated Traffic Load Test 2007 E. Kohler, L. du Plessis,P. Smith,
J. Harvey, T. Pyle
Precast Concrete Panel Systems for Full-Depth Pavement Repairs - Field Trials February 2007 FHWA
Using Precast Concrete Panels for Pavement Construction in Indiana January 2004 L. Chang, Y. Chen, S. Lee
The Feasibility of Using Precast Concrete Panels to Expedite Highway Pavement Construction February 2000 D. Merritt, B. McCullough, N. Burns,
A. Schindler
Prestressed Pavement Volume 1, Joint Design June 1983 FHWA
Prestressed Pavement Volume 2, Thickness Design June 1983 FHWA
Prestressed Pavement Volume 3, Construction Manual June 1983 FHWA
Technological Review of Prestressed Pavements December 1976 FHWA
Full-Depth Repair of Jointed PCC Pavements Cast-In-Place and Precast Procedures March 1976 S. Tyson
Texturing of Concrete Pavements 1969 J. Dixon
Fatigue Tests of Prestressed Concrete Pavements 1968 A. Chritensen, B. Colley
Construction of Prestressed Pavement at an Airport in Portugal July 1967 G. Mittelmann
Repetitive Loading Model Tests Of Prestressed Rigid Pavement On A Low Strength Subgrade May 1964 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Ohio River Division Laboratories
Strength of Prestressed Concrete Pavements October 1962 Y. Osawa
Behavior Of Instrumented Prestressed Concrete Pavement At Nas Lemoore, California March 1961 U.S. Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory

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